About Us

The essence of our mission at Source Fitness is described by our logo: the triangle, the circle, and the “core self”.

The triangle stands for strength and cardio training and nutrition. We strive to focus on every aspect of fitness and health equally so that your mind and body achieve balance.

The circle surrounding the triangle represents the circle of life, and the brush marks symbolize conquered hardships. We feel that fitness strengthens character. We aspire to incorporate fitness into your everyday life so that you will be better prepared for whatever obstacles you may encounter.

The symbol in the center, the core self, stands for the notion that all positive energy comes from within. We strongly believe in that notion. We want to use fitness to help you find pleasure and enjoyment both inside and outside of the gym.

About You

It was our belief that St. Clairsville and the surrounding communities were lacking a gym offering comprehensive health and wellness amenities. After a thorough study we decided that we could provide a fitness facility that not only satisfied the needs of dedicated fitness enthusiasts; but also serve those who were curious and determined to find alternative paths to health and well being.